What Makes A House A Home?

When it comes to settling in to your new home, there is a range of things which make people feel at home. As many estate agents, and people, will tell you, there is a marked difference between a house and a home. You may buy a house, but you create a home, and a study by Zoopla looked into the issues that make a house a home.

When asked the question what makes a house a home, 22% of respondents said their new house felt like a home when they returned home after work. There is a lot to be said for returning to a semblance of normality, and creating a routine in life. If you are fortunate enough to have some days to prepare your home before you return to work, it is inevitable that the experience can feel out of the ordinary.

People like to decorate their house to feel at home

26% of respondents said that their house began to feel like a home after they decorated. Again, this makes sense. Even during the viewing process, many buyers see the house for what it is, but imagine the changes they plan to make to give the home a more personal feeling. Therefore, a person will not entirely feel at home until they have made changes which makes the house feel like theirs.

However, the same study indicated many people wait a while before buying artwork or decorations for their new home. Only 2% of buyers bought decorations on the day they moved in. This indicates there is a need for practicality and functionality when moving into a new home. You shouldn’t spend much time worrying about not having artwork on the wall if you don’t have a mattress for your bed or plates to eat dinner off!

Practicality is essential in setting up a home

The need to make a practical home setting takes priority, but this indicates why some people feel in flux or in a state of limbo in the first few weeks or even months in their new home. Buying a home is a massive commitment, and people need to push themselves into their new life.

Of course, moving into a new home is a lot of change in a short period, and it is natural for people to need time to adjust. You have a new routine, new surroundings and things don’t quite feel right. Even if you are delighted to be in your new home, it is natural to miss your old home, or that you don’t feel settled in your new home.

Some of the items which are bought before artwork or decorations include a mattress, a bed, kitchen utensils, an iron, a TV, a sofa and a dining table and chairs. Buying a house is often expensive, and new home owners are limited with what they can do with their budget. Therefore, functionality makes sense.

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