Here’s How To Prepare Your Home For A Viewing – Urgently!

The viewing stage is critical in selling your house. You may find prospective buyers view your home on more than occasion, but you need to impress every single time. If you have a lot of time to prepare your home for a viewing, you have more opportunity to create the best possible impression.

However, you don’t always have a lot of time to prepare your home for a viewing. There are times when you may only get minimal notice of a prospective buyer coming around to view your property. When you live in the house during the sales process, it is virtually impossible to maintain a showroom like state, and this means you have work to do to ensure the home meets the standards you need to match.

Start to prepare your home with the decluttering process

The decluttering process is essential in presenting your home. A good declutter is critical when readying your house for images, and it is equally important when you welcome guests to your home. Get rid of any junk or unnecessary items from around your home.

Try to keep accessories and additional items, such as ornaments or photo frames to a minimum. You want the buyer to picture themselves living in your home, and this becomes more likely when you remove most of the items of you and your loved ones.

Ensure the kitchen and bathroom are spotless

All rooms are important when selling your home, but you need the kitchen and bathroom to look fantastic and very clean. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces, clean the flooring and try to create as much space as you can.


If you create a showroom like environment in the kitchen and bathroom, you are far more likely to develop a positive atmosphere with your guests and prospective buyers.

Clean the floor if you can

Buyers eyes will naturally scan a room from the floor to the ceiling. Therefore, your floor will be looked at carefully, and you need to create a positive impression. Take the time to vacuum carpets, sweep wooden floors and give tiles or vinyl laminate a going over with a mop.

Freshen up the bedroom

It is possible to liven up your bedroom quickly and effectively. Changing your bedsheets and linen for fresh additions will change the mood of the room, making it look cleaner and more appealing. The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, and if it looks attractive, you stand a better chance of impressing prospective buyers.

Hopefully, you have enough time to focus on these tasks. If your time is minimal, start with the decluttering process and then try to fit in as much else as you can. Also, try to give yourself time to calm down before the buyer arrives, ensuring you efficiently greet them.

If you are looking to sell your home, it is best to call on the support and guidance of a local professional. Get in touch with Williams of Petersfield, and we will be more than happy to help you out in the sales process.

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