People Want To Face Communication With Agents: We Deliver

In selling your home, communication is vital. Whether this applies to the exchange of legal documents, setting a price or making sure that everyone is clear who the most likely buyer is, it is vital that clear communication is at the heart of the sales process. At Williams of Petersfield, we are a local estate agent and we take immense pride in offering a high standard of service which comes with a personal touch. We believe face to face communication is crucial when selling property and we are pleased to see that many people think this way too.

A recent survey of 1,000 people who had recently bought or sold property backed up our thinking. The survey found that 56% of respondents said they preferred face to face communication with an estate agent. We find that talking directly with clients ensures that we can resolve matters quickly and it is much easier to ensure that everyone is working along similar lines. In the present day, there are many communication channels, all with their own merits, but meeting face to face is still very important when selling a home.

Telephone and email support is also important for estate agents and clients

face to face communication

The survey found that the next communication methods that people preferred were telephone, which 16% of responses and email, which received 15% of the support. There was also 5% support for online chat, which is an indication of how the market has changed in recent years. There was also more limited backing for text messages and communication by way of online dashboards or personal apps.

It is good that modern communication methods are part of the sales process. For some people, these channels are invaluable and can make it much easier to communicate. However, we think that a face to face meeting is still the most effective way to make progress and you can rest assured that this is a service that we will continue to offer to our clients.

Property market is evolving but traditional elements still have a part to play

The property market is changing and there are obvious benefits to the services provided by online estate agents. Given the costs of selling a home, it is natural that some people will look to save money in a range of ways, and this form of service is an option. However, given the importance of meeting with an agent and chatting about the market and the local area, there is always going to be a need for face to face meetings with an estate agent. There is a place for traditional elements of the property market to remain in place as this provides clients with confidence and assurance.

If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll find that we are local agents who put you first. Anyone looking for a face to face chat, and the best standard of service, will find that Williams of Petersfield is the company to call on, so get in touch.

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