Petersfield Landlords: Be Prepared For New Electrical Safety Checks

It is important that landlords remain up to date and fully information of all regulations that impact on their business. While many of these regulations make sense and create better living conditions for tenants, the fact that there are so many new regulations and updates to consider, places landlords under considerable pressure. Even landlords who are keen to fully comply with regulations sometimes struggle to remain up to date, but Williams of Petersfield aims to assist Petersfield landlords remain fully informed.

While there is no date announced for rented properties to have electrical installations tested every five years, it looks likely to be implemented soon. There have been various calls for this measure to be introduced over the year with the most recent occurring at the end of 2017. It is likely that this move, backed by a variety of working groups from leading industry bodies, has shaped the recent Government decision.

New measures will be introduced soon for Petersfield landlords to be aware of

The plans were introduced by James Brokenshire, the Housing Secretary, alongside a package of measures which are aimed at improving the standard of building safety. It was also announced that there will be a consultation in building regulations, with this arising from the review undertaken by Dame Judith Hackitt. Very few people would argue against improving standards with respect to rental accommodation but there is a need to ensure that landlords can make these changes and alterations without harming their own business.

Petersfield landlords

The news has been welcomed by the Electrical Safety First group, with their Director General Phil Buckle stating; “We are delighted the Government has finally recognised the importance of regular electrical checks in the private rental sector which protects both tenants and landlords. Electrical Safety First has led the charge for this to be made a legal requirement for UK homes and successfully lobbied for these to be introduced in the PRS in Scotland – with Wales and Northern Ireland set to follow suit.” This is a group that has lobbied for these changes, so are understandably pleased with this outcome.

MPs from all parties have backed these plans

The organisation was quick to point out that their calls for these tests have been supported by 71% of MPs, which includes support from all political parties in the country. With this sort of backing, it was always likely that these changes would be passed, and it is another issue that Petersfield landlords will have to consider.

By itself, these additional checks on electrical appliances shouldn’t cause too much bother but it is the fact that there are so many tests and checks for landlords to deal with which creates a problem. If you are a landlord in Petersfield who is struggling to remain fully informed about what you need to do to run your business, contact Williams of Petersfield. We are local lettings specialists and we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to run your business in an effective manner.

Petersfield Landlords: Ready For New HMO Minimum Standards

Being a landlord is difficult. Many people look at rising rents and increasing demand for rental accommodation and assume that being a landlord is a simple and straightforward process. This is far from the case though. Just keeping up with changing regulations is a full-time role in itself and at Williams of Petersfield; we aim to provide Petersfield landlords with as much assistance as we can. There are new HMO minimum standards being introduced from October 1st 2018. Continue reading “Petersfield Landlords: Ready For New HMO Minimum Standards”