Spring 2019: Prepare Your Garden Before Making A Sale

When you sell your home, it is essential you create a positive first impression. Even though the demand for property outstrips supply, buyers need to be impressed by a dwelling. If you don’t grab a prospective buyer’s attention straight away, they will continue scrolling, and they may never consider your house as a viable option.

The best place to make a positive first impression with your home is outside of your house. Your garden has a massive role to play in enticing buyers to take an interest in your property. There are two areas where your garden can make a positive first impression with buyers:

  • Most initial images of a home on a property listing is an exterior shot – an impressive looking garden will entice buyers
  • When a buyer conducts a viewing at your property, they see the outside of your home first, so make the best possible impression

Now that spring is here; you will want to spend more time in the garden. It will be nice to enjoy some fresh air and see the sun, but you can have a positive impact on your selling activities if you clean up your garden.

Focus on the basics this spring

If your garden is a bit messy, you may not know where to begin this spring. However, there are some necessary steps you should follow and mowing your lawn is never a wrong place to start. You will need to tidy and clear your grass before you mow it, so this will help with the clearing process. Also, with a freshly mown lawn, your garden will look in good order, creating a positive impression.

Other tips for tidying your garden this spring include trimming hedges and clearing all driveways and paths. If you have access to a power washer, use this to clean your driveway to the highest possible standard. If there are toys or garden equipment around your garden, clear these away and present a spacious area.

Vendors should plant seasonal flowers in their garden, and this is very true for spring. Fresh plants are welcoming and the splash of colour they add to a garden area can transform how a garden looks. Small tips like this have a significant impact and can change how you feel about your home.

Accessories can brighten a garden

While many garden accessories are frivolous, some have substance. Adding lights to your garden creates a range of benefits that can transform the garden area and please buyers. Adding lights ensures you can socialise for longer in good weather, but more lighting in the garden area can make your home safer and more secure.

Added lights minimise the risk of being burgled by opportunistic thieves. With more light in the garden, there is less chance for people to skulk about the exterior of your home undetected. Buyers are always looking for security features with a property, and this will appeal to many prospective buyers.

All vendors need to know the importance of making a positive first impression. At Williams of Petersfield, we are here to help you sell your home, so get in touch, and we will make a difference in reaching out to buyers.

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