Petersfield and Surrounds Property News: September 2018

Up to the minute property news relating to Petersfield and surrounding areas, for September 2018.

PetersfieldWith August behind us, we move from summer to autumn. This season change elicits a wide range of responses. Many people are unhappy at the loss of summer but there are many others who look forward to crisp mornings and the changing colour of the leaves.

No matter what your current mood is, the property market keeps moving and as you’ll expect, Williams of Petersfield is here to keep you in touch with all the latest local property news for September of 2018.

As with most things in life, timing is essential in the property market. Many people have stories about how very different things would have been if they made a move a few months earlier or later. While it is impossible to know for certain what is going to happen next in the property market, it is possible to make an informed decision and at Williams of Petersfield, we aim to help our clients make the most informed decision regarding the local property market.

Looking to make a Petersfield move?

Our report details why it’s a good idea to make your move in Petersfield before 2019. Buying property at the right time can make a massive difference to your finances, in both the short and long-term. Our report considers the current circumstances of the market and what is likely to happen next, and we believe that buyers are advised to act sooner rather than later to maximise the return and enjoyment they receive from their home.

Other aspects we consider this month include:

  • Overall sales levels in the last few quarters
  • Prices over time in a regional and national comparison

We think you’ll find these sections informative and perhaps even illuminating.

We care about the Petersfield community

You will also know that we care about local life and how the community is getting on.  One of the most important things in life is finding a work-life balance. It is important to work, and if you enjoy what you do for a living, all the better, but for most of us, working is all about creating a better life outside of work. It is natural that people want to work hard to maximise their return and benefit, but it is essential that you don’t work too hard as this can diminish the returns you see in your free time.

Therefore, the final aspect of our report this month considers how long the working week is for people of Petersfield.

Please click on the link to receive the report:

Williams of Petersfield Report September 2018

We are always on hand to assist you with any property queries or concerns you may have, so get in touch with Williams of Petersfield. Remember, we provide a report every month so if you are looking to stay in touch with Petersfield property news and you want to be the best-informed property owner on your street, we are the local agents who will not let you down.

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