Petersfield and Surrounds Property News: August 2018

Up to the minute property news relating to Petersfield and surrounding areas, for August 2018.

August is often a time of change for many people. Schools are now finally on holiday for the summer, but the football season begins again in earnest. Hopefully the positive weather we have enjoyed for most of the summer continues for a bit longer, at least until we get beyond the late August Bank Holiday.

Timing is the essence that makes for fantastic comedy, but it is also hugely important in the property market. Our focus in our newsletter this month is on the importance of momentum and how there are times that are more attractive in the property market than others.

Momentum means a lot in the property market

PetersfieldAt Williams of Petersfield, we always work hard to help you sell your home in an effective manner, but there are times when market forces provide a helping hand. If you have an interest in the movement of the market and the current trends, this will be a fascinating and informative read.


Flats and houses may provide the same function, putting a roof over people’s heads, but they are very different. If you are looking for a flat, you may have no interest in houses, so you want to be able to concentrate on the information that is best for your needs. At Williams of Petersfield, we have narrowed in on these property types, separating them so you can choose the information you need to see while also allowing you to see how the overall market performs.

Look at data and information that is relevant to you

While average property prices are informative and give you a terrific starting point when it comes to understanding a local market, there is often a need to dig deeper into the figures. After all, if you are looking to buy a flat, the price of detached properties isn’t relevant to what you are looking for. This breakdown provides you with an overview of how property prices have changed for specific property types in the local area.

Our last topic in the monthly newsletter is a focus on how many people are found in each home. A lot of people have a strong interest in the Petersfield community, looking to learn about the makeup of households and the size of families. This is a great topic that gives you insight into households in Petersfield and may help you consider what homes are likely to be available on the market before too long.

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Williams of Petersfield August 2018

We are always on hand to assist you with any property queries or concerns you may have, so get in touch with Williams of Petersfield. Remember, we provide a report every month so if you are looking to stay in touch with Petersfield property news and you want to be the best informed property owner on your street, we are the local agents who will not let you down.

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