Petersfield and Surrounds Property News: February 2019

Up to the minute property news relating to Petersfield and surrounding areas, for February 2019.

January can feel like a long month, so it is always good to get through it. The weather may not be much more appealing in February, but there is a lot to be more optimistic about. Anyone who is looking to make a move this year should start to seriously consider their options and at Williams of Petersfield, we are on hand to help you stay informed.

This February, our monthly report focuses on a number of interesting areas, with our lead content focusing on whether downsizing is a good idea in Petersfield and surrounding areas. It is easy to see why downsizing is a hot topic in the property market, and many people would benefit from having a smaller home to manage.

Downsizing may be an option to consider in Petersfield

Of course, there are costs involved with all property moves, and it is essential that vendors are confident of their decision before they decide to downsize. We are here to provide you with guidance on this topic and we think you’ll find the report of interest.

We all know that the property market fluctuates, and there may be times when it is better for you to move. This is the topic of our next area of content in the report as we review sales over time split by property type. We also provide an index of property prices over time, so if you are looking for insight into the behaviour of the market, we can help.

Past behaviour will hopefully provide pointers for future developments

Petersfield propertyLooking back at previous times and how the market behaved can provide a starting point for predicting what comes next. Even though issues like Brexit leave many people unsure of what is coming next in the UK market, past behaviour always provides some clues as to what will happen and when.

We end this month’s report with a focus on the Profile of Wealth in and around Petersfield. This is an area of considerable interest for many people, and if you are looking for reassurance as to how you are doing compared to others in the local area, this information will be of interest. Whether you are comfortable or Just About Managing, it is helpful to review how others are faring, and hopefully, this section will be of interest to you.

Please click on the link below to receive the report:

Williams of Petersfield February 2019

No matter what move you are looking to make in or around Petersfield in 2019, it makes sense to contact a local property market expert. We also offer a monthly report, so if you are keen to stay in touch with the latest Petersfield property news while getting insight from local property specialists, we are here to help. We believe that local knowledge is crucial in the property market and at Williams of Petersfield, we are on hand to help you with any move you wish to make.

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