Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Before Selling

If you are selling your home, you should know you need an Energy Performance Certificate, an EPC. While this document is a legal requirement, it is also an extremely useful document. In a competitive market place, you need to make a compelling argument for prospective buyers to fall in love with your home. Making your home more energy efficient before selling is an effective tip, and we can help you with the process.

Perhaps you are not convinced about the need to improve the energy efficiency of your home before selling it. There are many ways you can improve your home, and enhance your chances of connecting with a buyer. However, we believe that making your home more energy efficient before selling makes sense, and you should consider all these reasons:

  • Many buyers are looking for a property which holds energy-efficient properties
  • In a crowded marketplace, an energy-efficient home may stand out for all the right reasons
  • An energy-efficient home is warm and welcoming, which is of great benefit
  • When you have an energy-efficient home, energy bills are lower, which is great news for buyers

Therefore, there are strong reasons to make these changes to your home. However, it would be understandable if you held concerns about the cost of making these changes to your home.

Do I need to spend a lot of money making my home more energy efficient?

Just because you can spend a lot of money improving the energy efficiency of your home doesn’t mean you must. If you replace your boiler or install double-glazing at your home, you will significantly enhance your EPC rating. However, this can be expensive, and if you don’t have a lot of time to waste before placing property on to the market, these options may not be available.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of energy-efficient improvements you can make at your property, which is very welcome for all vendors. You should consider the following changes or improvements:

  • Switching from traditional bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Installing loft insulation has a major impact on your home
  • Checking for gaps and cracks in frames, skirting boards, walls and floors, and then filling these holes
  • Add draught excluders to the property
  • Install a thermostat in the home

Small changed add up to make a big difference

You may not think or all of these changes will have a massive impact, but they will make a change. Over months and years, implementing these changes will make a large difference to your energy rating, and your energy bills. If you want to sell your home, the energy rating and the improved energy bills will influence buyers, hopefully helping you choose your property over rival properties in the market.

If you are looking to sell your home, you have a lot to consider. However, focusing on energy-efficiency and improving your EPC rating will help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to sell your home, contact Williams of Petersfield, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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