Petersfield and Surrounds Property News: January 2018

The very latest property news relating to Petersfield and surrounding areas, for January 2018.

At the beginning of a new year, it is helpful to understand where you are and what the state of the market is. At Williams of Petersfield, we are very keen to ensure you are fully informed about the local property market. We know that you want the latest information and the most relevant guidance about the Petersfield property market and on the latest for surrounding areas.

In the final few months of 2017, we offered you a monthly review and this is something we aim to continue in 2018. This review provides you with the most pertinent and relevant news about the local property market. As local property specialists, we are always happy to discuss the market and if you would like to talk about any of these issues in more detail, please get in touch. Our team is highly passionate about the local property market and we look forward to helping you.

There are clearly many aspects that matter in the property market when buying or selling a house and space is a major issue. It is only natural that prospective buyers will be interested in the space available inside a home but you’ll find that outside space also has an impact on buyers, and even on the price of your home. When you’re looking to get ahead or you want to know what price a home carries, aspects like outside space matter, and this is why Williams of Petersfield is on hand to ensure you are fully informed at all times.

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If you are keen to stay in touch with the local property market, rely on us to ensure you have all the information you need. Whether you are looking to make a move soon or you have a general interest, we believe our local property market reports are of benefit and interest.

When you need expert support and guidance in the local property market, Williams of Petersfield is a company you can trust. We have a strong reputation in supporting the local community, so get in touch and we will be more than happy to help you take your next step in the market.

The Boxing Day Bounce: Prepare Your Home For Interest

As we move closer to Christmas, there is a lot to be excited about. If you are a big fan of the festive period, you may be looking forward to having fun with friends and family members. If you are not too fussed about Christmas or even Boxing Day, you may still enjoy the chance to relax and unwind for a few days. However, not everyone is relaxing because it seems as though the period after Christmas into the New Year is one of the busiest time in the property market.

This phenomenon has been referred to as the Boxing Day Bounce. This first came to light back in 2015 when Rightmove announced that they had one million visitors on their site on Christmas Day. There was an increase in visitors on Boxing Day and by the first full working day of 2016, there were nearly three million people visiting the Rightmove site and looking for property. This suggests that this is a very busy time and if you want to sell your home at the start of the New Year, you want to make sure that your home is listed on these online property portals.

When there are buyers, it is a good time to sell

The fact that a lot of people are looking for homes at this time of year is a big incentive to be ready to sell, but there is also another reason you should have your home listed. This is down to the fact that there will be some property owners who aren’t interested in selling their home during the festive period. Some people are busy at this time of year and other folk will want to focus on spending quality time with their loved ones.

Boxing Day Bounce
House XXL

This is their loss though and it adds up to a better set of circumstances for people looking to sell their property. After all, when you have an increased volume of potential buyers in the market and a smaller volume of people looking to sell their home, you will stand a greater chance of being found by people who are looking for what you have to offer.

Boxing Day Bounce can make 2018 a very happy year

This is a very strong reason why property owners looking to sell their home at the start of the year should be proactive before the year ends. If you have plans to move home in 2018 you can give yourself a flying start by being listed on the major online property portals and by working closely with a skilled and experienced estate agent.

At Williams of Petersfield, we know how important it is to sell your home in an efficient and effective manner. This is why we are committed to providing you with the guidance and assistance you need. If you are keen to learn more about The Boxing Day Bounce or you just want to be in a good position to sell your home, come and speak to us. We are always on hand to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selling your home.

Petersfield: An Area Guide

With the train journey to London Waterloo taking around an hour, it is easy to see why so many people have developed an interest in what Petersfield has to offer. This is a commuter town that is able to provide a very different pace of life from what you would expect in the heart of London. Knowing that you can return home to an area of great beauty and a more sedate pace of life is a great comfort for many people, and there are many people who have arrived in Petersfield as commuters but stayed as contended residents.

You should find that there is a strong mix of properties in Petersfield. Whether you are interested in period cottages or spacious mansions, there is something for everyone. The more affordable options in the area come with the modern flats and houses that have been developed on estates like Herne Farm.

Many people have settled in Petersfield

When it comes to recommending Petersfield, there is a great deal to be said for looking at the number of people who have to the area and stayed. This is a town that is handy for commuters but once families settle, they find that the local area has a lot to offer and that the pace of life here is very appealing, especially compared to the more hectic energy of England’s capital.

The standard of education in an area is an important factor and you’ll be glad to know that there is a lot to like about the local education options in Petersfield. The local infant school, located on St Peter’s Road, has been classed as “Outstanding” by Ofsted and there is also Petersfield School, sometimes known as TPS, which has also been referred to as “Outstanding”, with this school being available for children aged between 11 years old and 16. There are also sixth form college options to choose from in the nearby area so families looking to ensure their children enjoy a high standard of education have options to consider in Petersfield.

There are plenty of shopping options in Petersfield

Like many modern towns these days, Petersfield is able to provide a blend of High Street stores and boutique and independent stores. The town is also well known for its market with Wednesday and Saturday being great days to venture into the town square and see what is on offer. There is also a popular farmers’ market in the town, so you can enjoy fresh produce from local suppliers.

When it comes to getting some fresh air and adventure, Petersfield Heath is an excellent choice, lying to the south of the town. With a cricket pitch and golf course on offer there are plenty of exercise options and you can even hire a boat to venture out on to the lake.

You’ll find that there are plenty of local attractions on offer in Petersfield to ensure that  you enjoy your time in the area. There is a council owned swimming pool and in the summer months, there is also an outdoor pool to enjoy. The museum offers great insight into local life as well as providing a number of seasonal exhibitions. If you enjoy live events, Festival Hall is a great destination and Petersfield has a strong reputation for music festivals, so you should be able to enjoy live shows and the wonder of live music in the local community.

With respect to property prices, Zoopla states that as of December 2017, property prices in Petersfield over the past 12 months have an average of £469,729. In the same time frame, the average price paid for property in Hampshire stands at £336,273.

If you hold an interest in Petersfield of you would like to learn more about the area, contact Williams of Petersfield and we will help you learn more about this fantastic area.